Democracy cannot function without a well-informed citizenry that is actively involved in civic life, understood as both community and political life. Using digital technologies has made it easier to share public matters, to participate in the political process and to organise action.

The Project

MEDIAWISE wants to focus on countering disinformation and other forms of interference in the democratic debate, empowering citizens to make informed decisions by helping them identify disinformation and promoting media literacy.

The Partnership

The project involves an appropriate mix of participating organisations in terms of profile, past experience in the Programme and expertise to successfully complete all project objectives. In particular, the project Consortium is comprised of 6 partners from 5 EU countries


D1.1 – Online Survey report

D1.2 – Presentation results meeting

D2.1 – Recommendation from the high level experts – Italy

D2.2 – Report on the event High level experts meeting in Italy

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